Tony Lopez 18 Career Boxing Fights On 8 DVDs With Motion Menus
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                    TONY LOPEZ 18 fights on 8 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Tony Lopez vs De La Rosa
Tony Lopez vs Almaguer
Tony Lopez vs Lockridge I
Tony Lopez vs Molina I
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TONY LOPEZ 18 fights on 8 boxing DVDS
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Tony Lopez
Most of the amateurs at the gym were off for Reno, Nevada for a Junior Olympics tournament. The youngster who weighted the same as Tony had quit and Tony was asked if he would like to take the retired pugilist's place. Lopez with only 4 days of amateur experience was naive but excited and unafraid, Lopez quickly accepted. Traveling with Manuel Maldonado, Jerry Jacobs' assistant trainer, Sacramento's newest export was about to have his maiden bout. His opponent would be Johnny Samples of the Reno Mighty Mites. Waiting for the bell to ring, Maldonado told his young charge; "I'd tell you what to do, but you don't know anything."
Adding to the comedy that was about to unfold, Tony was wearing a cheap pair of white Kmart shorts which showed the label of his underwear. The trunks were so tight he had to wear his protector cup over them. Adding to his stylish outfit was a pair of Kmart tennis shoes which hid his ankle socks. Not owning a robe, Tony had a towel draped around his neck. "When the bell rang, the first thing I did was fall flat on my face. My shoes were untied." Realizing these were young kids, the referee allowed Maldonado to tie Tony's shoes.
With his footwear properly laced, Maldonado told his young charge to turn around and box. To Tony, his opponent appeared to be a praying mantis, when he came forward in the classic boxing style leading with his left. Confused, Toney turned to his corner for advice and bang he was hit with a right. His trainer shouted "Tony just fight!" "So I fought like it was a street brawl and by the second round my opponent started crying. His corner had to push him off his stool at the start of the third. He cried and started to run away from me. Finally the bell rang ending the bout."
"They gave him the decision and a big trophy and I got a little trophy. I was so happy. That's all I wanted was a trophy, a trophy I could bring home and show my parents. After all the bouts were over, they called me back into the ring and presented me with another huge trophy as the outstanding fighter of the night." I couldn't believe it, I now had two trophies; this was unbelievable."
Over the next several years Jerry Jacobs would school Tony in the intricacies of the sport and his pupil proved to be an excellent student. He must have absorbed the lessons well; his final amateur record was 47 and 2 and ranked #6 in the U.S. amateur standing. Sadly, personal issues in Jacobs's life prevented him from being Tony's trainer in the pros. During our interview Tony raised the question, do trainers make fighters or fighters make trainers? One thing is for sure: Lopez had the highest respect for Jerry and the skills he taught him. After nine years as an amateur, Tony was a polished boxer/puncher, not the over anxious ten year old boy who had his first fight in Reno, Nevada.
On May 3, 1983 Toney turned pro in Sacramento against Juan Rodriguez of San Juan, PR, and a veteran of 14 pro bouts. It didn't take Lopez long to figure out Rodriguez, dropping him with a right to the head in the first minute of round one. Rising on unsteady legs the out-of-Towner blocked a left hook with his jaw, tasting the canvas for a second time. His corner wisely tossed in the towel, saving their charge from further punishment.
Fights Boxing DVD 8
Tony Lopez vs Murray
Tony Lopez vs Caballero
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Tony Lopez vs Lockridge II
Tony Lopez vs Jackson
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Tony Lopez vs Molina II
Tony Lopez vs Molina III
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Tony Lopez vs Paez
Tony Lopez vs Mitchell I
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Tony Lopez vs Guiterrez
Tony Lopez vs Mitchell II
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Tony Lopez vs Haugen
Tony Lopez vs Chavez
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Tony Lopez vs Gamache
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