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                  MIKE MCCALLUM 18 fights on 7 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Mike McCallum vs Bettancourt
Mike McCallum vs Kalule 
Mike McCallum vs Mannion
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Mike McCallum 18 fights on 7 boxing DVDS
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Mike McCallum (born December 7, 1956) is a Jamaican former professional boxer. He held the WBA light middleweight and middleweight titles, as well as the WBC light heavyweight title. A slick, hard hitting, iron chinned technician in the ring, McCallum is regarded by many fans and critics alike to be one of the most underrated fighters in history, and also one of the best of all time. He earned his nickname of "The Bodysnatcher" due to his ability to land vicious body punches in fights. His final fight was against old nemesis and three weight world champion James Toney, against whom he lost by unanimous decision after twelve rounds. McCallum retired in Febrary 1997 after a professional career spanning sixteen years, three world titles and four weight divisions. He defeated seven champions in Ayub Kalule, Julian Jackson, Milton McCrory, Donald Curry, Steve Collins, Sumbu Kalambay and Jeff Harding.
McCallum currently resides in New York City. He was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2003.
Professional career
Light middleweight
Mike McCallum turned professional in 1981. As a professional, he fought almost exclusively in the USA. He first became a world champion in 1984 by defeating Sean Mannion to win the vacant WBA light middleweight title. McCallum would defend that title six times, winning all six fights by knock out.
His first prominent opponent was future two weight world champion Julian Jackson, who McCallum fought in his third title defense. McCallum survived some punishment in the first round and came back to stop the undefeated Jackson in the second round.
McCallum really came to prominence when he knocked out former WBC welterweight title holder Milton McCrory and former Undisputed welterweight champion Donald Curry in 1987. Curry was ahead on all three scorecards going into the fifth round when McCallum knocked him out with what some have called a "perfect" left hook.
In 1988, he moved up to middleweight, suffering his first defeat, a clear unanimous decision, in an attempt to win the WBA middleweight championship from Sumbu Kalambay. In 1989, McCallum defeated Herol Graham by a split decision to win the now vacant WBA middleweight title (which had been stripped from Kalambay for signing to face IBF champion Michael Nunn). He defended the title three times, defeating Steve Collins, Michael Watson, and Kalambay in a rematch.
McCallum fought IBF middleweight champion James Toney in 1991. McCallum was stripped of the WBA title before the bout. The fight ended in a draw, and McCallum lost the second fight by a controversial majority decision the following year. some felt that McCallum won both fights.
Light heavyweight
McCallum then moved up two weight divisions and won the Interim WBC light heavyweight title against Randall Yonker, then won the full WBC title by outpointing Jeff Harding in 1994. Being in his late thirties, he did not hold the crown long, losing the title to Fabrice Tiozzo. At 40 years of age, he attempted to regain the vacant Interim WBC title against Roy Jones Jr. in December 1996, but lost by a wide decision.
In his last fight, McCallum lost a rubber match to James Toney via a unanimous decision in a cruiserweight bout.
McCallum had a professional record of 49-5-1 (36 knockouts). He was never knocked out as a professional. After McCallum retired, he moved to Las Vegas and became a trainer. He was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2003.
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Mike McCallum vs Jones Jr.
Mike McCallum vs Toney III
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Mike McCallum vs Braxton
Mike McCallum vs Jackson
Mike McCallum vs Curry
Mike McCallum vs Graham
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Mike McCallum vs Collins
Mike McCallum vs Watson
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Mike McCallum vs Minton
Mike McCallum vs Kalambay II
Mike McCallum vs Cruzat
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Mike McCallum vs Toney I
Mike McCallum vs Toney II
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Mike McCallum vs Harding
Mike McCallum vs Tiozzo