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                      DAVID TUA 39 fights on 10 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
David Tua vs Izonretei (AM)
David Tua vs Nevarez
David Tua vs Johnson
Fights Boxing DVD 10
David Tua vs Montana
David Tua vs Fox
David Tua vs Cameron
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DAVID TUA 39 fights on 10 boxing DVDS
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Fights Boxing DVD 6
David Tua vs Lewis
David Tua vs Nicholson
Fights Boxing DVD 3
David Tua vs Cooks
David Tua vs Wilson
David Tua vs Izoneritei
David Tua vs Maskaev
Fights Boxing DVD 2
David Tua vs Lakusta
David Tua vs Bellocci I
David Tua vs Murphy
Fights Boxing DVD 5
David Tua vs Rahman
David Tua vs Bell
Fights Boxing DVD 8
David Tua vs Moorer
David Tua vs Rahman II
David Tua vs Griffis
Fights Boxing DVD 9
David Tua vs Salif
David Tua vs Gutierrez
David Tua vs Wheeler
Fights Boxing DVD 4
David Tua vs Ibeabuchi
David Tua vs Wooden
David Tua vs Curry
Fights Boxing DVD 7
David Tua vs Byrd
David Tua vs Oquendo
David Tua vs L. Davis
David Tua vs Corrigan
David Tua vs Jackson
David Tua vs E. Davis
David Tua vs Hart
David Tua vs Villegas
David Tua vs Belloci II
David Tua vs Ruiz
David Tua vs Sutcliffe
David Tua vs Sullivan
David Tua vs Daniels
David Tua (born Mafaufau Sita: November 21, 1972) is a Samoan New Zealander former professional boxer,often regarded as one of the greatest heavyweights never to win a world title. Known for his brutal punching power, especially in his left hook, he scored sixteen knockout wins inside of the first round, and finished world heavyweight champions John Ruiz and Michael Moore within thirty seconds, as well as late stoppages of other world champions Oleg Maskaev and Hasim Rahman. Nicknamed the "Tuamanator", his fast paced bob and weave pressure fighting style has often drawn comparisons to Mike Tyson. Tua's professional career spanned 21 years, during which he fought many of the best fighters of the era and challenged for the WBC, IBF and IBO world heavyweight titles. He currently resides in his adopted country of New Zealand, where he runs a boxing gym.
Amateur career
In his early career Tua trained three days a week at a small gym in Mangere bridge, under boxing trainer Gerry Preston. Tua became New Zealand national heavyweight champion in 1988 at age 15.
At the 1991 World Amateur Boxing Championships, he was surprisingly knocked out in the first round by three time Olympic gold medalist Felix Savon. At age 19 he won a Bronze Medal at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. He lost his semi final to David Izonritei, whom he would later defeat as a professional. Tua turned professional later the same year.
Professional career
Tua debuted in December 1992 and soon became internationally respected for having one of the most devastating left hooks in world boxing and for his ability to end fights early and to dish out severe punishment. Of his first 27 fights, 23 were won by knockout.
Tua is known for his devastating knockouts. In his 1997 fight with Ike Ibeabuchi, the two fighters combined to set the record for most punches thrown in a heavywight fight on record. Ibeabuchi won the decision, handing Tua his first pro defeat. Prior to the loss, Tua had devastating KO wins against future titlist John Ruiz (via 1st round KO, in only 19 seconds) and Darroll Wilson. Tua also beat David Izon and future champion Oleg Maskaev to set up the fight with Ibeabuchi. After the loss to Ibeabuchi, Tua took on future champ Hasim Rahman and TKO's Rahman in the 10th round. The victory over Rahman marked the beginning of Tua's struggles with his weight. He ballooned up to 253 pounds when he defeated Obed Sullivan in 2000 by KO. Later that year, he weighed 245 pounds in the loss to Lennox Lewis. Tua was disappointing in the fight, with both fighters avoiding each other and Tua not throwing combinations. Tua lost a clear cut decision.
Tua fought for the WBC, IBF, & IBO heavyweight titles in November 2000, and went the distance in a 12 round bout, but lost on points by a wide margin to defending champion Lennox Lewis.
Following the Lewis loss, Tua regained steam with a KO over Danell Nicholson but lost by a close decision in his next fight to future champion Chris Byrd. In 2002 he beat propect Fres Oquendo and demolished Michael Moorer in his next fight with a powerful shot 30 seconds into the first round, which put Moorer out cold. In 2003 he drew in a 12 round rematch with Rahman.
2005 comeback
Tua was inactive for over two years before he stepped into the ring on March 31, 2005 and bested Talmadge Griffis in a 10 round bout, ending the match and earning a TKO victory with 26 seconds remaining. Tua's next contest in October 2005 ended in a split decision over Cisse Salif with Tua dominating in the late rounds.
Tua defeated Edward Gutierrez by knockout in the fourth round of a scheduled 10 rounder on July 26, 2006. The fight was held at the Manhattan Center ballroom in New York City, and featured on ESPN2. Tua started slowly, scored a knockdown with his famous left hook in the second round, and put Gutierrez down for the count in the fourth round.