Jermain Taylor 32 Career Boxing Fights On 13 DVDs With Menus
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            JERMAIN TAYLOR 32 fights on 13 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Jermain Taylor vs Hanshaw V (AM)
Jermain Taylor vs Macintosh (AM)
Jermain Taylor vs Usagin (AM)
Jermain Taylor vs Catic (AM)
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JERMAIN TAYLOR 32 fights on 13 boxing DVDS
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Fights Boxing DVD 12
Jermain Taylor vs Froch
Fights Boxing DVD 8
Jermain Taylor vs Spinks
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Jermain Taylor vs Rivera
Jermain Taylor vs Primera
Jermain Taylor vs Cervera
Jermain Taylor vs Cuevas
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Jermain Taylor vs Garcia
Jermain Taylor vs White
Jermain Taylor vs Brewer
Jermain Taylor vs Hill
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Jermain Taylor vs Martinez
Jermain Taylor vs Rios
Jermain Taylor vs Bunema
Jermain Taylor vs Marquez
Fights Boxing DVD 10
Jermain Taylor vs Pavlik II
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Jermain Taylor vs Hopkins II
Jermain Taylor vs Wright
Jermain Taylor (born August 11, 1978) In December 2000, Taylor signed with boxing promoter Lou DeBella. Pat Burns became Taylors trainer as a professional and Ozell Nelson became an assistant. He made his professional boxing debut on January 27, 2001, at Madison Square Garden in New York City against Chris Walsh. Taylor managed to knock Walsh down twice with his right hand and won his debut after forcing a stoppage with 16 seconds left in the fourth and final round. He went on to fight six more times in 2001, resulting in six more victories. Taylor continued his winning streak through 2002 and 2003, before defeating Alex Bunema on March 27, 2004. Taylor's next bout occured on June 19, 2004 against former IBF Light Middleweight Champion Raul Marquez. Taylor controlled the fight by using his jab and right hand throughout the one-sided contest. Near the end of the ninth round, Taylor landed a right uppercut that staggered Marquez. A follow'up right hand put Marquez down just before the bell rung to end the round. Soon after Marquez arrived to his corner, his trainer told the referee to stop the fight, resuling in a technical knockout victory for Taylor. On December 4, 2004, Taylor fought former WBA Middleweight champion William Joppy in his hometown of Little Rock. For the majority of the fight, Joppy made the more aggressive Taylor chase him, while landing few punches and seeming more content to frustrate Taylor. Taylor landed several punches early in the fight and knocked joppy down in the fifth round en route to a unanimous decision victory with scores of 120-107 from all three judges. In his next bout, Taylor fought Daniel Edouard on February 19, 2005. In the third round, Taylor landed a 10 punch combination that hurt Edouard to the point that the referee decided to stop the fight.
Unified middleweight champion
Taylor vs Wright
On June 17, 2006, Taylor fought Winky Wright at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee. The WBC had ordered Taylor and Wright to begin negotiating on the fight on December 12, 2005 and if the two sides could not agree, a purse bid would be ordered. An agreement was made 10 minutes before a purse bid was to take place. Ozell Nelson, unsatisfied with Taylor's progression between the first and second Hopkins fights, helped convince Taylor to replace Pat Burns with hall of fame trainer Emanuel Steward. Taylor received $2.75 million for the fight and Wright made $3.5 million. Wright only paid sanctioning fees for the WBC belt, while Taylor paid fees to the WBC and WBO. Taylor did not pay the fees to the WBA amid controversy of the organization removing him from their ranking after questions of whether taylor followed all procedures for the WBA before his rematch with Hopkins. He was reinstated at the top of the organizations' middleweight ranking, but his title remained under review. The bout was evenly competitive through the first 10 rounds, with Wright winning most of the early rounds before Taylor became more active in the latter part of the fight. By the ninth round, Wright had swelling above both his eyes. Wright was winning the bout going into the final round on two of the judges scorecards, but he was generally passive in the round. Two of the three judges gave the round to Taylor, which resulted in a draw. The scores for the fight were 115-113 for Taylor, 115-113 for Wright and 114-114.
Taylor vs Ouma, Spinks
On December 9, 2006, Taylor fought Kassim Ouma at the Altel Arena in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Taylor hurt Ouma early in the first round and continued to control the fight through the middle part of the fight with jabs and hooks. During the second half of the fight, Taylor gradually began to tire and suffered a cut over the left eye. He allowed Ouma to back him into a the ropes often as the fight came to an end. However, Ouma was unable to be effective with his punches. Taylor won the bout by unanimous decision with scores of 117-111, 115-113 and 118-110. Afterwards, the WBA announced that Taylor was no longer the holder of its Middleweight Super Championship. On May 19, 2007, Taylor went up against former Undisputed Welterweight Champion Cory Spinks at the FedEx Forum in Memphis.
Jermain Taylor vs Ibraimov (AM)
Jermain Taylor vs Walsh
Jermain Taylor vs Stubbs
Jermain Taylor vs Baker
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Jermain Taylor vs Joppy
Jermain Taylor vs Eduoard
Jermain Taylor vs Hopkins I
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Jermain Taylor vs Ouma
Fights Boxing DVD 9
Jermain Taylor Countdown to Pavlik I
Jermain Taylor vs Pavlik I
Fights Boxing DVD 11
Jermain Taylor vs Lacy
Fights Boxing DVD 13
Jermain Taylor vs Abraham