Joe Frazier 22 Career Boxing Fights On 9 DVDs With Motion Menus
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                     JOE FRAZIER 21 fights on 9 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Joe Frazier vs Wipperman (HL)
Joe Frazier vs Bonavena I
Joe Frazier vs Machen (HL)
Joe Frazier vs Chuvalo (silent)
Joe Frazier vs Mathis (HL)
Joe Frazier vs Ramos
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JOE FRAZIER 21 fights on 9 boxing DVDS
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Fights Boxing DVD 7
Joe Frazier vs Cummings
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Joe Frazier vs Bonavena II (HL)
Joe Frazier vs Zyglewicz
Joe Frazier vs Quarry
Joe Frazier vs Ellis
Joe Frazier vs Foster
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Joe Frazier vs Ali I
Joe Frazier vs Daniels
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Joe Frazier vs Ali II
Joe Frazier vs Quarry II
Joe Frazier vs Ellis II
Fights Boxing DVD 9
Joe Frazier: Thrilla In Manilla
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Joe Frazier vs Ali III
Joe Frazier vs Foreman II
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Joe Frazier vs Stander
Joe Frazier vs Foreman I
Joe Frazier vs Bugner
Fights Boxing DVD 8
Joe Frazier: Beyond The Glory
Joe Frazier: One Nation Divisible

Amateur career

During Joe Frazier's amateur career, he won Golden Gloves heavyweight championships in 1962, 1963, and 1964. His only loss in three years as an amateur was to Buster Mathis. Mathis would prove to be Joe's biggest obstacle to making the 1964 US Olympic boxing team. They met in the final of the Olympic trials at the New York World's Fair in the summer of 1964. Their fight was scheduled for three rounds and they fought with 10 oz gloves and with headgear, but the boxers who made it to Tokyo would wear no headgear and would wear 8 oz gloves. Frazier was eager to get back at Mathis for his only amateur loss and knocked out two opponents to get to the finals. However, once again when the dust settled, the judges called it for Mathis, undeservedly Joe thought. "All that fat boy had done was run like a thief, hit me with a peck and backpedal like crazy," he would remark.


Mathis had worn his trunks very high so that when Frazier hit Mathis with legitimate body shots, the referee took a dim view of them. In the second round, the referee had gone so far as to penalize Joe two points for hitting below the belt. "In a three round bout a man can't afford a points deduction like that" Frazier said. He then returned to Philadelphia and felt as low as he had ever been end even thought of giving up boxing. Duke Dugent and his trainer, Yank Durham, were able to talk him out of his doldrums and even suggested that Frazier make the trip to Tokyo as an alternate in case something happened to Mathis. Frazier agreed and was a workhorse there, sparring with any of the Olympic boxers who wanted some action. "Middleweight, light heavyweight, it didn't matter to me, I got in there and boxed all comers," he said. In contrast, Mathis was slacking off. In the morning, when the Olympic team would do their roadwork, Mathis would run a mile and start walking and say, "Go ahead, big Joe. I'll catch up."


1964 Summer Olympics

In 1964, heavyweight representative Buster Mathis qualified but was injured, and so Frazier was sent as a replacement. At the heavyweight boxing event, Frazier knocked out George Oywello of Uganda in the first round, then knocked out Athol McQueen of Australia 40 seconds into the third round. He was then into the semifinal, as the only American boxer left, facing the 6' 2", 214 lb Vadim Yemelyanov of the Soviet Union.


"My left hook was a heat seeking missile, careening off his face and body time and again. Twice in the second round I knocked him to the canvas. But as I pounded away, I felt a jolt of pain shoot through my left arm. "Oh damn, the thumb," Frazier said. He knew immediately the thumb of his left hand was damaged, but he was unsure as to the extent. "In the midst of the fight, with your adrenaline pumping, it's hard to gauge such things. My mind was on more important matters. Like how I was going to deal with Yemelyanov for the rest of the fight." The match ended when the Soviet's handlers threw in the towel at 1:49 in the second round, and the referee raised Frazier's injured hand in victory.


Now that Frazier was into the final, he mentioned his broken thumb to no one. He went back to his room and soaked his thumb in hot water and Epsom salts. "Pain or not, Joe Frazier of Beaufort, South Carolina, was going for gold," he proclaimed. He went on to fight German Hans Huber, eight years his senior. Frazier was now used to fighting bigger guys, but not with a damaged left hand. When the opening bell sounded on fight night, Joe came out, started swinging punches, and threw his right hand more than usual that night. Every so often, he would use his left hook, but nothing landed with the kind of impact that he had managed in previous bouts. He won a 3-2 decision.