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          MANNY PACQUIAO 44 fights on 37 boxing DVDs
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MANNY PACQUIAO  44 fights on 37 boxing DVDS
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Manny Pacquiao 46 Career Boxing Fights Plus Early Highlights On 39 DVDs With  Motion Menus
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Manny Pacquiao vs early highlights
Manny Pacquiao vs Chockvivat
Manny Pacquiao vs Sasakul
Manny Pacquiao vs Makelin
Manny Pacquiao vs Mira
Fights Boxing DVD 12
Manny Pacquiao vs De La Hoya 24/7
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Fights Boxing DVD 25
Manny Pacquiao vs Marquez IV 24/7
Fights Boxing DVD 8
Manny Pacquiao vs Terao
Manny Pacquiao vs Senrima
Manny Pacquiao vs 3K Battery
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Manny Pacquiao vs Barrera
Manny Pacquiao vs Marquez
Fights Boxing DVD 21
Manny Pacquiao vs Marquez III 24/7
Fights Boxing DVD 17
Manny Pacquiao vs Margarito 24/7
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Manny Pacquiao vs Sanchez
Manny Pacquiao vs Julio
Manny Pacquiao vs Rakkiatgym
Manny Pacquiao vs Yeshmangbetov
Manny Pacquiao vs Lucero
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Manny Pacquiao vs Singsurat
Manny Pacquiao vs Barotillo
Manny Pacquiao vs Chae
Manny Pacquiao vs Hussein
Manny Pacquiao vs Ledwaba
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Manny Pacquiao vs Morales II
Manny Pacquiao vs Larios
Fights Boxing DVD 10
Manny Pacquiao vs Marquez II
Fights Boxing DVD 15
Manny Pacquiao vs Hatton
Fights Boxing DVD 23
Manny Pacquiao vs Bradley I 24/7
Fights Boxing DVD 19
Manny Pacquiao vs Mosley 24/7
Fights Boxing DVD 33
Manny Pacquiao vs Mayweather Jr.
Fights Boxing DVD 26
Manny Pacquiao vs Marquez IV
Fights Boxing DVD 27
Manny Pacquiao vs Rios 24/7
Fights Boxing DVD 28
Manny Pacquiao vs Rios
Fights Boxing DVD 29
Manny Pacquiao vs Bradley II 24/7
Fights Boxing DVD 30
Manny Pacquiao vs Bradley II
Fights Boxing DVD 31
Manny Pacquiao vs Algieri 24/7
Manny Pacquiao vs Algieri
Fights Boxing DVD 32
Manny Pacquiao vs Mayweather Jr.: All Access
Fights Boxing DVD 24
Manny Pacquiao vs Bradley I
Fights Boxing DVD 22
Manny Pacquiao vs Marquez III
Fights Boxing DVD 20
Manny Pacquiao vs Mosley
Fights Boxing DVD 18
Manny Pacquiao vs Margarito
Fights Boxing DVD 16
Manny Pacquiao vs Clottey Countdown To
Manny Pacquiao vs Clottey
Fights Boxing DVD 13
Manny Pacquiao vs De La Hoya
Fights Boxing DVD 14
Manny Pacquiao vs Hatton 24/7
Fights Boxing DVD 11
Manny Pacquiao vs D. Diaz
Fights Boxing DVD 9
Manny Pacquiao vs Barrera II
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Manny Pacquiao vs Morales III
Manny Pacquiao vs Solis
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Manny Pacquiao vs Morales I
Manny Pacquiao vs Velazquez
Fights Boxing DVD 34
Manny Pacquiao vs Bradley III: Legacy On The Line
Manny Pacquiao vs Bradley III: Under The Lights
Manny Pacquiao vs Bradley III

Emmanuel Dapidran “Manny” Pacquiao, (born December 17, 1978) is a Filipino professional boxer and politician, currently serving as Senator of the Philippines. In boxing he has held the WBO welterweight title since 2016, and is currently in his third reign with that title.


Pacquiao is widely considered to be one of the greatest boxers of all time. He is the first and only eight division world champion, having won eleven major world titles, as well as being the first boxer to win the lineal title in five different weight classes. Pacquiao is also the third boxer in history to win major world titles in three of the original eight weight divisions of boxing, also known as the “glamour divisions” (flyweight, featherweight, and welterweight).


Pacquiao has generated approximately 19.2 million in pay-per-view buys and $1.2 billion in revenue from his 23 PPV bouts. According to Forbes, he was the second highest paid athlete in the world as of 2015.


Beyond boxing, Pacquiao has participated in basketball, business, acting, music recording and politics. In May 2010, Pacquiao was elected to the House of Representatives in the 15th Congress of the Philippines, representing the province of Sarangani. He was re-elected in 2013 to the 16th Congress of the Philippines. In June 2016, Pacquiao was elected as a senator and will serve a six year term until 2022.


While mostly focused on being a boxer and a politician, Pacquiao is listed as the head coach of the basketball team Mahindra Floodbuster. He was also drafted onto the team as 11th overall pick in the first round of the 2014 PBA draft, making him the oldest rookie drafted, as well as the shortest player and the first dual-sport athlete in the Philippine Basketball Association.


Professional career


Pacquiao’s weight increased from 106 to 113 pounds before losing in his 12th bout against Rustico Torrecampo via a third round knockout, he was caught with a looping left hand flush on the chin which he couldn’t get up from. Pacquiao failed to make the required weight, so he was forced to use heavier gloves than Torrecampo, thereby putting him at a disadvantage.


Following the Torrecampo fight, Pacquiao continued undefeated for his next 15 fights. He went on another unbeaten run that saw him take on the more experienced Chokchai Chockvivat in flyweight division. Pacquiao knocked out Chockvivat in the fight round and took the OPBF Flyweight title. After one official defense and two non-title bouts, Pacquiao got his first opportunity to fight for a world title.


Fights Boxing DVD 35
Manny Pacquiao vs Horn
Fights Boxing DVD 38
Manny Pacquiao vs Thurman
Manny Pacquiao vs Thurman: Postfight Show
Fights Boxing DVD 36
Manny Pacquiao vs Matthysse
Fights Boxing DVD 37
Manny Pacquiao vs Broner: All Access
Manny Pacquiao vs Broner
Fights Boxing DVD 39
Manny Pacquiao vs Ugas: Press Conference
Manny Pacquiao vs Ugas