Roy Jones Jr. 64 Career Boxing Fights On 25 DVDs With Motion Menus
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               ROY JONES JR. 64 fights on 25 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Roy Jones Jr. vs Lyles I (AM)
Roy Jones Jr. vs Lyles II (AM)
Roy Jones Jr. vs Levine (AM)
Roy Jones Jr. vs Makalamba (AM)
Roy Jones Jr. vs Zaitsev (AM)
Roy Jones Jr. vs Woodhall (AM)
Roy Jones Jr. vs Si-Hun (AM)
Fights Boxing DVD 8
Roy Jones Jr. vs Lucas
Roy Jones Jr. vs Brannon
Roy Jones Jr. vs McCallum
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ROY JONES JR. 64 fights on 25 boxing DVDS
Fights Boxing DVD 21
Roy Jones Jr. vs Calzaghe
Roy Jones Jr. vs Sheika
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Fights Boxing DVD 7
Roy Jones Jr. vs Byrd
Roy Jones Jr. vs Pazienza
Roy Jones Jr. vs Thornton
Roy Jones Jr. vs Sosa
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Roy Jones Jr. vs Stackhouse
Roy Jones Jr. vs Evans
Roy Jones Jr. vs Daigle
Roy Jones Jr. vs Yarbrough
Fights Boxing DVD 16
Roy Jones Jr. vs G. Johnson
Roy Jones Jr. vs Tarver III
Fights Boxing DVD 12
Roy Jones Jr. vs Hall
Roy Jones Jr. vs Harding
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Roy Jones Jr. vs Randall
Roy Jones Jr. vs S. Johnson
Roy Jones Jr. vs Amundsen
Roy Jones Jr. vs McCluskey
Roy Jones Jr. vs Mitchem
Roy Jones Jr. vs Brown
Roy Jones Jr. vs R. Johnson
Roy Jones Jr. vs Williams
Roy Jones Jr. vs Miller
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Roy Jones Jr. vs Harris
Roy Jones Jr. vs Wolfe
Roy Jones Jr. vs Hopkins I
Roy Jones Jr. vs Malinga
Fights Boxing DVD 10
Roy Jones Jr. vs Del Valle
Roy Jones Jr. vs Grant
Roy Jones Jr. vs Frazier
Fights Boxing DVD 14
Roy Jones Jr. vs Woods
Roy Jones Jr. vs Ruiz
Fights Boxing DVD 18
Roy Jones Jr. vs Hanshaw
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Roy Jones Jr. vs Vaca
Roy Jones Jr. vs Serwano
Roy Jones Jr. vs Castro
Roy Jones Jr. vs Thomas
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Roy Jones Jr. vs Garcia
Roy Jones Jr. vs Tate
Roy Jones Jr. vs Toney
Fights Boxing DVD 9
Roy Jones Jr. vs Griffin I
Roy Jones Jr. vs Griffin II
Roy Jones Jr. vs Hill
Fights Boxing DVD 11
Roy Jones Jr. vs R. Johnson
Roy Jones Jr. vs Telesco
Fights Boxing DVD 13
Roy Jones Jr. vs Harmon
Roy Jones Jr. vs Gonzalez
Roy Jones Jr. vs Kelly
Fights Boxing DVD 15
Roy Jones Jr. vs Tarver I
Roy Jones Jr. vs Tarver II
Fights Boxing DVD 20
Roy Jones Jr. 24/7 Calzaghe
Fights Boxing DVD 19
Roy Jones Jr. vs Trinidad
Fights Boxing DVD 25
Roy Jones Jr. documentary
Fights Boxing DVD 22
Roy Jones Jr. vs Lacy
Fights Boxing DVD 23
Roy Jones Jr. vs Hopkins II Fight Preview
Roy Jones Jr. vs Hopkins II
Fights Boxing DVD 24
Roy Jones Jr. documentary
Fights Boxing DVD 17
Roy Jones Jr. vs Ajamu

Roy Jones Jr. (born January 16, 1969), in Pensacola, Florida. He received the light middleweight silver medal at the '88 Olympics (though it is believed he should have won gold). Jones went on to win champion titles in three divisions, becoming the first meddleweight champ to win the heavyweight title in more than a century. He has also done sports commentary and acting work.


Roy Jones Jr. took to boxing at a young age. He proved to be a teenage phenomena in the ring, winning the 1984 U.S. National Junior Olympics in his weight division. In 1986, Jones picked up his first U.S. National Golden Gloves win in one weight class, and scored another Golden Gloves victory the following year in a heavier weight class. As an amateur, he ended his career with a 121-13 record.


Jones represented the United States at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, where he won the silver medal. He dominated his opponents, never losing a single round en route to the final. His participation in the final was met with controversy when he lost a 3-2 decision to South Korean fighter Park Si-Hun despite pummeling Park for three rounds, landing 86 punches to Park's 32. Allegedly, Park himself apologized to Jones afterward and the referee told Jones that he was dumbstruck by the judges decision. One judge shortly thereafter admitted the decision was a mistake and all three judges voting against Jones were eventually suspended. An official IOC investigation ending in 1997 found that three of the judges had been wined and dined by South Korean officials. This led to calls for Jones to be awarded a gold medal, but the IOC still officially stands by the decision, despite the allegations. Jones was awarded the Val Barker trophy, as the best stylistic boxer of the 1988 games, which was only the third and to this day the last time in the competition's history when the award did not go to one of the gold medal winners. The incident led Olympic organizers to establish a new scoring system for Olympic boxing.


Professional career

On turning professional, he had already sparred with many professional boxers, including NABF Champion Ronnie Essett, IBF Champion Lindell Holmes and Sugar Ray Leonard. Jones began as a professional on May 6, 1989, knocking out Ricky Randall in two rounds in Pensacola at the Bayfront Auditorium. For his next fights, he faced the more experienced Stephan Johnson in Atlantic City, beating him by a knockout in round eight.


Jones built a record of 15-0 with 15 knockouts before stepping up in class to meet former World Welterweight Champion Jorge Vaca in a Pay Per View fight on January 10, 1992. He knocked Vaca out in round one to reach 16 knockout wins in a row. After one more KO, Jones went the distance for the first time against future world champion Jorge Castro, winning a 10 round decision in front of a USA Network national audience.


Roy Jones vs Bernard Hopkins

Jones made his first attempt at a world title on May 22, 1993. He beat future Undisputed Middleweight Champion Bernard Hopkins by unanimous decision in Washington, D.C. to capture the IBF Middleweight Championship. Jones claimed he had entered the bout with a broken right hand, but still managed to outpoint Hopkins and secure a unanimous decision win. Jones reminded the world of this claim on his hit single "Ya'll Must've Forgot" later in his career. While working for HBO as an analyst for Bernard Hopkins' title defense against Simon Brown, Jones would admit on air that he was 16 pounds heavier than Hopkins on fight night, weighing 180 to Hopkins' 163.